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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Dad and me.

I lived on a farm with my dad. My mom divorced him 'cause she hated farm life. I had 3 older brothers who were in the Service and married. So it was dad and me alone at home. My dad asked me if I masturbated and I said yes. I asked him if he did, and he said yes. I then said since we are here alone can we jack off together. He thought about it for a sec or two and then pulled our the most beautiful dick in the world. At least 8 inches uncut and huge balls. his dick excited me and I got a hardon right away. We both began masturbating ourselves, then each other, and we spurt at the same time. We both let out a sigh. We took off our clothes and made love to each other. We kissed, and jacked and sucked each other until we came again. Dad was so lonely he needed me for his sex outlet. He was only 45, strong and very well built. We sexed each other about 3 times a week for 5 years. I got married and so did dad but we still pleasured each other for a long time afterwards. I had plenty of mutual jack offs in the Army but dad's dick and body was the only one that really sexed me. I jacked off my whole life thinking about him and his dick.

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TITLE: Anonymous

This all started when my daughter was 11, I remember the first time by accident walked in on her in the shower. She had the most beautiful body for her age. the thing that surprised me the most was that she was so hairy. She was very developed for her age. one night when my wife was away she laid in bed with me watching TV and I looked over at her while she slept and I noticed her shirt was open. I could see her breast, very developed nipples like her mother. I awaken her to tell her to close her shirt, she did but again it was open exposing her breast. I then realized and hope that maybe she wanted me to see them,I also thought she could be pretending to sleep. So my heart start beating out of my chest, the thought came to me should I or shouldn't I. I could not take it anymore. I thought to myself if she is pretending then she want this as much as me. So I went for, I got close to her neck kissing her and moving slowly to her breast. I saw her stomach shake, I thought to myself she likes it, then kissing softly and licking her nipples. I watch them get erect. I kissed all over her body, then I moved my hands between her legs and she seemed stiff as if she did not want me to open them, I started licking near her pubic hairs and I licked her clit and all of a sudden her legs opened like a surprise gift. I started tasting her juices and her body began to shake, now remember she wanted me to think she was asleep. but I knew better. As I licked her butt raised up rom the bed and a sound came out of her that was so exquist, so glorious, She came in my mouth and it tasted so very sweet. It's been years since that happen and it has never happen since and it's not mentioned at all, but I still masturbate remember tha night with my daughter

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TITLE: jkhhgjmk

little breasts.Dan invited me upstairs to his bedroom and Alisa followed behind us.Dan and I went into his room and Alisa went to her room directly across from Dans.We were both looking at some trophys in his room and from the corner of my eye I could see Alisa taking off her clothes in the other room with the door wide open, and allthough her back was to me, I know she knew I was watching her.My hands were now in my pockets feeling the hardon pushing up against my leg as she was standing there only in her underwear. As I was still trying to grasp what was happening here,Dan turned to me and asked if I could keep a secret.I told him I could,and he explained to me that Alisa would give us both blowjobs if we wanted.I still remember my heart racing both in nervousness and curiosity and I dumbfoundly nodded

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: ME and Grandma

One night I was walking down the hall. In our house its my mom me and my gramom so I was walking her door was cracked open I peeked in. when I lokked in the room she was on the bed sleep but her shirt was open her left breast was clear in view my grandmother is a 75 yr old black woman about 234 lbs . so I went in the room my mom was at work it was like 9 am on saturday so I got close to her staring at the breast I leaned forward and touched it she didnt budge she was in deep sleep so I licked the boob gently my penis was sooooo hard I lifted her night gown I could see everything she rolled over I was so scared I thought she woke up but she didnt she was just on her stomach now I wass looking at her a--h--e I sliped my penis out of my pants and held it in my hand I held her two butt cheeks I skipped my penis into the whole omg it felt great she moan really loud but remained sleepi was panting I got out of control I humped and humped till I was about to blow I took it out I didnt know what to do I blew all over her face when she woke up she came to me and said u were so good young man and taste great

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Me and The Dog

My grandmother had a female dog that was breaded to compete in dog shows but she just had her as company. The dog got along with me well, she liked to sleep on my bed and she was playful for a pooch. The dog liked to sit on my lap as I watched television, It was one night when I stayed up watching television and the dog had been sitting on my lap. I felt her getting warm doing so [remainder of story deleted]
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SEXUALITY: Monosexual
GENDER: Female
TITLE: Intense Experince with my brother

I was little and inexperinced with "playing" with not only my self but with boys too. One day I had a babysitter and my 4 brothers and I were all in our play room. 2 of them were a year older (Patrick and Reed) than me and the other two were the same age (Sylvan and Spencer). We also had a neighbor over that was just about always naked and running around with his penis hanging out, and with four other brothers I knew what penises looked like. It was time for a bath and so we all got naked because our babysitter told us that we all had to take one big bath. Our babysitter got in too,her boobs were huge and her downstairs was hairy! My brother and I had never sceen that. She insisted that we all get a chance to lay on her and do one thing, anything. Patrick was first. He just layed on her with his head snuggled up in her boobs. Then was Reed. He put his dick in between her boobs and then pulled it out and started kissing them. Once Reed was done and Sylvan and Spencer were going Reed wanted to look at me. His penis was rather large and was very interesting. Then it was my turn. I stuck all of my fingers up her and then she did the same to me.---

After we all got out my brothers and my neighbor and I went to bet. About 10 minutes later they asked me if they could do the same to me. I was just starting to grow in the upper area and same with down below. While Reed was inside of me Patrick was making out with me, Sylvan was massaging my niples Spencer was up my butt and our neighbor who was 10 was doing Reed. This lasted for about 45 minutes until our babysitter came in and then started to join in. It was one big ass orgy. Every sunday she would babysit and instead of starting at night time, we would start right after my parents left. And to this day we are still doing the same stuff!

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Nude Male Pictures
Free Picture Site - In many societies, the nude body is considered similar to a work of art. This site is an introduction to pictures of over one hundred different nude men.

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