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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Mom and me

I grow up in a household that was very free about nudity and sex. As a child my mother used to put my penis in her mouth and gently suck it, this stoped around age seven. mother got pregnent again about when I was ten, (I actually saw her and dad in the act of copulation). When she gave birth, she over-produced milk, and it was my job to suck her breasts dry. One time I was doning this, she pulled my pants down and stoked my penis, I got ariosed, played with her vulva, she said go ahead, I entered her, and lost my virginity. Later as an adult, I discussed it with her, she smiled and asked "did you have fun?" I said yes yes yes. She explained that haveing sex with a parent is on of the most deep seated fantasys we all have, and that there is nothing wrong with it When growin up she had lots of sex with her father, she intiated it and loved it. I love the idea that I lost my virginity with mom. Since then we had sex a couple of times together

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GENDER: Female
TITLE: I love my dog

i am 13 and I want to tell you what I do when my mom and dad are out. We have a family pet called goldie a labrador dog who I have had since I was 5. [remainder of story deleted]
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TITLE: Horny uncle

I've been married for 3 years. . From the first time I met my husband's uncle he leered at me. He'd always try to get me to hug him at family events. He would take every opportunity to be near me or most especially get me alone into his hobby room to 'show' me something. The first time he went over the line he was using a soldering iron seated at his desk. He asked me to hand him the cloth in his lap, laying over his knee. When I looked down to pick it up I could clearly see his bulging erection thru his pants. I grabbed the cloth and he said nothing about the bulge. He stood up a few moments later and the bulge hadn't subsided any. He 'reached' over me to a shelf and 'accidently' pressed himself against me. He was almost humping me a bit. It was surreal. I quickly found a way out of the room and tried to avoid him for much of the afternoon. it was nearing time to leave and I was on my way to the restroom before the drive home. The downstairs bath was occupied so I trotted upstairs. The door was ajar so I pushed it open and started in. Uncle Gene was standing there with his pants down. His fist wrapped around his erection and he was going at it. I stammered in horror and started backing away. He tried to stop me and then asked me if I wanted to help him out. I blurted out some response like now, Gene you perv. I backed out of the room and went back downstairs completely rattled. I didn't tell my husband about his perverted uncle. We only see them 3 or 4 times a year but he never misses the opportunity to expose himself to me or rub is hardon against me. This has gone on for the past 2 years. Recently he has taken to trying to grope me. The most recent attempt was just over Thanksgiving. He was standing behind my chair and put his hand on my breast and started squeezing it. He was pushing his hardon against my back. I shot up out of my chair and he was rubbing his crotch thru his pants quite brazenly. I growled at him and said do you mind?? Later that afternoon we were posing for a group picture and he managed to position himself behind me and groped me every chance he could get. He muttered that he'd like me to help him out. I was disgusted by it at first but now I am curious about how far he will go and I admit I enjoy the idea of teasing him a bit. He never misses the chance to rub against me or let me see his bulge. For Christmas I wore a low cut t-shirt and a thin bra. My nipples stand up in the cold so you could see my hard nipples clearly thru my shirt. My husband always comments on this. My uncle couldn't resist and at the first opportunity he tried to get his hand near my breasts on two different times. The second time actually humping me again. This time I asked him if he was a pervert with all the girl cousins. I think it startled him a bit to be confronted so openly. He rolled his eyes and walked away. I decided he was rattled and I liked the odds. I paused for a few moments then followed him to his hobby room to ask him again. I found him behind his door with his hardon out of his pants. He was rubbing it and there was some sort of a ring around him making him harder that ever. I told him he was a pervert and he could be caught by someone. He pushed the door closed and leaned against it and begged me to touch him. I wouldn't. so he asked me if I'd just watch him. So I agreed. He asked me if he could see my breasts and I said no. So he just started humping his own fist. I stood there staring with my mouth open, I'd only seen my husband masturbate. It was a turnon for me when he did it and I admit this was having an affect. Gene started murmuring, oh yeah, storke me and using my name, he was deep in fantasy land as he jerked and bucked his hips back and forth. The pre-cum was running freely and I could hear the squishing sounds getting faster and faster as his orgasm was near. In a second or two more he grunted and a few dribbles of cum bubbled up from the tip of his purple-red organ. His face contorted and he grunted more, quite an ordeal for the small amount of cum that was released. I blurted out, I hope you're happy now. Put that thing away. I pusshed passed him nearly knocking him down as he was funbleing to get the ring off and tuck himself back in. A few moments later he emerged to the main part of the house back to the festivites. He leaned down to me and said thanks. Then he said he had something special for me. He handed me a tissue which contained the sticky contents of his explosions inside. he laughed and said there's more where that came from if I ever wanted to see. I rolled my eyes and then smiled. I can't decide if I'll help him out next time or not.

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TITLE: one great aunt

it started when I was spending the night with my cuzin we were looking at my uncles porn and stuff when we found a bunch of nude pics of my aunt my cuzin was grossed out but I was so turned on I even found a sex tape with my aunt on it I never told my cuzin about it later that night we were watching tv and my aunt came in to say good night I couldnt stop thinking about her naked and getting banged the more I thought about it the harder my dick got after a few mins I couldnt take it anymore I slipped my dick out and started jackin off as my cuzin watched later on as we were trying to get to sleep my cuzin asked me y I got so horny when his mom came in the room so I told him about the tape he asked me if I wanted to see something cool I was like yeah he said my mom takes shower at 6 am every morning so lets get up early and u can watch I was s stoked we went to sleep waking up befor my aunt he showed me where to hide a few mins later my aunt came in to take her shower as she got undressed I got hard watching her taking a shower and all wet and everything I started to jack off well I guess I must of got alittle loud cuz she found me hiding and beating my meet she was mad at first but after a few mins she just started in on why were u watching me I told her how sexy I thought she was she smiled and said set here while I finish my shower as I set on the bathroom floor watching my aunt finish her shower I got a big hard on she got out and started to dry off and she seen the big wood I had goin on she said let me see it I slowly sliped down my shorts and stood there with my dick hanging out next thing I know she sucking and jacking me off I shot a big load in her mouth im 23 now and every time I see her we make alittle trip to the bathroom and she gives me head and _____ me crazy

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