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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Some Sisters are the Best

Since we were young kids my sister was never shy bout taking her clothes off in front of me,in fact she was always kind of hanging around waiting for me to give her the ok to strip.She is two years younger than I, and always a hot and horny little thing.We played games like doctor,husband and wife and games which involved me touching her naked body and massaging her little nippies and pussy which she always seemed to enjoy.I really had no idea what I was doing at such a young age but it gave me this excillerated feeling pleasing my little sisters every whim. We somehow stopped getting together in my early teen years but I found myself thinking and wacking off to all the great times we had earlier in our lifes.It wasn't until I turned fourteen that we had been invited to a family party . I still can remember the white mini skirt and fish_____ stockings my sister wore that night made her look so sexy.Her curvacious legs and budding little breasts drove me hornier than I had ever been before. I stuck close to her at the party and told her how nice she looked.When we got back home I decided to try a bold move and wait until everyone was in bed and slip into my sisters room and slip under the covers.I walked into her room in slid in next to her but she had already fallen asleep.I pushed my hand up between her legs and she immediately spread eagle allowing me to rub her pussy.One thing led to another and here we were again, just like when we were kids,pleasing each others needs.This continued until I went to college and although we never actually had intercourse,I licked,sucked,kissed and prodded every inch of my sisters body and she loved every minute of it.In fact,somtimes when I would come home late,she would be sitting on the basement steps in her nightie waiting for a invitation to my bedroom in the basement.Of course,I never said no!

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Growing pains (or pleasures?)

A few details are now faded since it's been such a long time ago, others are as vivid as yesterday. I have 5 sisters, 3 older and two younger than myself. The 3 youngest of us were what I might describe as "best friends" and not being so far apart in our ages, entered puberty about the same time. To be honest, I used to flirt with both my younger sisters before puberty and my advances were never rejected. I'm certain mom and dad nor anyone else was aware of what was going on between us. I don't remember my feelings or thoughts at that time but looking back from the age I am now it was very exciting to push the limits. We had not learned of the "birds and the bees" yet but as human beings, it was an inate sense of sexual attraction from all parties involved. More or less I had the role of big brother and protecter giving me supiority over these 2 underlings. Except for a few circumstances, I believe things would've progressed to intercourse with my next younger sister and possibly with both sisters together. I remember well of watching them bathe thru a window in a wall between bath and attached garage covered with a curtain and just before I knew it was time they would bathe, I'd pull the curtain slightly to one side but not enough to be obvious so I could sneak out to the garage and watch. What was disappointing about that was also having to watch if anyone came out to the garage since it robbed me of what it was I was focused on. A few things that stand out in my memory is anytime that my next to younger sister wouldn't cooperate in something I wanted done, I would lift her top and tease her nipples or pull her short shorts down exposing her little bikini panties and begin rubbing her sensitive area while I had her pinned to the ground. As this became regular, she would no longer put up a fight and began rebellion often just so I would perform these acts. My youngest sister liked to watch but always did as she was told so I didn't do this with her. The other thing I remember so well was bedtime. Both sisters wore shorty gowns that didn't really cover much and I was in love with seeing their tiny bikini panties partially exposed. More often than not before crawling into their bed, ( they shared a bed ) they would remove panties but leave the shorty (see thru) gown on. It was custom that I come to their bedroom to read them a story before they retired. To this day I don't know why mom didn't suspect anything nor come upstairs to check up. I would have so much fun reading a story since I was already very aroused at watching them bathe and touching one anothers private parts while bathing and then to sit at the edge of the bed with these 2 little cuties in see thru nighties without panties and read to them while fingering between each of their legs alternately. I know that my next to younger sister would climax every night but she did a good job not making it obvious. I think my youngest sister was still just a bit behind in her puberty not to have a climax but she would still sqiurm around trying to get my fingers deeper inside her wet little pussy. It now makes me wonder what they did to each other after I would leave them in a state of excitement like I did. We are now old enough to be grandparents and this topic has never come up between us. After high school we sorta grew apart since as adults we found out about resposibilities and the duties of raising family. On occasion I think about what it would've been like had intercourse taken place and fantisize about getting both pregnant, moving far away from here, and living together with the three of us sharing the same bed and eventually after the children are born, getting married to both while retaining the ability to make them do whatever I wished just like when we were young !

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TITLE: me and sis

This experience happened when I was a teenager. I had a twin sister who was my age and developing beautifully. I was just begining to jack of ad I began thinking of her al the time when I was jacking of. She was 5'5 110lbs with a great tan beautiful blue eyes and a great ass.I was too ashamed to tell her about my feelings so I was very subtle. I would do things like stare at her thong whe she wore tight jeans and I hugged here closely so that my erect penis would press agaist her thighs.I was also pretty attractive back then and I had a feeling that she had sexuall feelings about me too. So one night when my uncle matt was visiting we both slept in her bed. She was wearing a tight white midriff tanktop and a short pink skirt while I was in just my boxers.After she fell asleep I noticed that because of her shifting around her skirt had risen above her asshole so I gently pressed my penis up against her tight ass.i moved it in deeper slowly so that the edge of my dick was pressing up against her clit. I pressed it I slowly and I heard her moan, she was awake. I heard her whisper more so I went in deeper until I was cuming uncontrollably inside her.She eventually climaxed and thanked me oraly.We have since moved away and got married but during family get togethers we allways find time to evoke our passionate memories.

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TITLE: brotherly love

I had to go to vermont for the summer to see my half brother. well the night I got there we started looking at porn and I got an erection, and I was wearing briefs so it was getting a little croweded, but anyways naturally I took them off and he started jacking me offand I cummed all over his hand as his arm and it felt soooo good I asked him to do it again, but to use lotion this time, it felt sssooooo good I exploded all over his chest, then he asked me to suck him so I did and he cummed all in my mouth. That is the best night I ever had!!!!

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TITLE: Big brother

I was taking a bath one time and got out of the shower, my parents were out of town for the week, well I went to get some lotion and got a pillow and layed on the ground still naked lubed up and started masturbating, But I didn't know that my big brother was home and he saw me! bUT ANYWAYS I was masturbating and cummed all over my chest and my face well I heard a moan and I looked over and there was my brother masturbating too, he hand cummed yet though, so we started masturbating each oter and had 69 alot! Well this went on all week, on the kitchen counter, shower, pool ,hottub, bed, washing machiane, school, school locker room, school showers, couch, floor. Well the last day I asked him to do anal and after about an hour of f------ he exploded load after load of sticky hot cum in to my anal and it felt sooo good, that was three years ago and we still have our little sessions alot!!

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TITLE: It happened to me........

I was going steady at the time and at least twice or 3 times a week would be out with my girl, mostly weekends, and we were into petting, heavily sometimes, close to getting serious and passionate kissing, and we were very close to having sex. I had a sister and 2 brothers. My brothers used to hang out with the car racing set so didn't see a lot of them. One Saturday night my girlfriend was away and I was home and me and my sis got chatting in the kitchen. She hadn't any relationship but was interested in finding out what happened between a man and a womanl. Well I found it difficult to tell her but she pressed me. I said we went to different places, sometimes to eat, sometimes for a drink, sometimes to meet up with other friends. She said was that all and added, boring. I said well not exactly cos sometimes we went somewhere secluded and kissed and touched each other. She asked what did I mean and I said well you know. She said no she didn't and would I explain a bit more. I said well I would touch her breasts under her clothes and she would touch me. Where she said and I said well in my pants actually and I would sometimes touch inside her pants too. What did it feel like she asked and I had to explain. She was still asking a lot of questions and I was finding it hard to give honest answers and she twigged this. So she said well if you want you can show me and do to me what you do to her. I was a bit shocked at this and she had to persuade me as I wasn't really sure having been brought up that you didn't do such things in families. Our parents were in the front room watching TV so we disappeared into her bedroom and first of all I took her in my arms, kissed her on the lips and put a hand over her breast. She started to change, I could feel, as her nipples started to expand. It was while I kissed her I could feel her hand rubbing over my pants feeling for my penis which was now becoming hardened and she made a remark about it. Anyway it wasn't long before she shut her door and made for us to lie on her bed removng some of her clothing as she did. I didn't think our parents would come to investigate - they never did - so we felt reasonably comfortable. It wasn't long before we were both naked, in her bed, and I was lying beside her stroking and caressing her as if she were my girlfriend. I touched her in all the sexual places. I know she got very excited with all this as not only was she ready but she was getting anxious as girls do for more to come. I pushed two fingers into her to massage all around inside her. I extacted to rub my wet fingers all around her lips and over her clitoris. She did tell me that it did feel extra good when I did this. She said "will you" and I said "will I what" and she said go inside me to which I replied that it wasn't safe as she might get pregnant. She said it was ok as she was safe but not to tell Mum. I got from that maybe she was already on the pill and it was then that I sussed my sister wasn't perhaps as naive and raw as I first thought. So, after a litlle hesitation and encouragement from her guiding my penis towards her, I did eventually push quite hard and go inside, slipping in with ease into her wet mound, and think perhaps I was her first. We did copulate together, by which time I was quite relaxed, and I was able to release my large load into her and felt really good about it as my girlfriend and I had never done that. We were both dripping from our coming together. I could feel her juices all around her, all around me and leaking onto her thighs and when I withdrew saw our juices mixed together. It was only after our climaxes that I really noticed my sisters body, her lovely round and firm breasts, her petite rounded figure, her crotch with a large patch of hair covering her labia up her tummy and around under her to her anus. I thought she might be embarrassed then at me looking at her but she wasn't. She was so relaxed and looking so happy. She smiled at me at she stared at my manhood. I am pretty confident that my sister did not orgasm then and at that time I didn't know what had to be done to bring her to a climax.----- I wemnt from her bedroom to the bathroom and it was while I was in their that I heard our mother coming ans she went to my sisters room to ask if she was ok. I heard her say something and then my mother saying something about her not having any clothes on.----- Somehow then I didn't feel any regret and didn't for many years after, but later in life I did as I felt I had spoilt my sisters experience with another male for the first time. But when my sister and I discussed it one time she said she had not forgotten the experience but said it was most beautiful for her and she had absolutely no regrets, because as she said the first time with someone else may have been a disaster whereas with us it wasn't. I then felt better about it.

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