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TITLE: Sis and I

When sis and I were growing up we were like most kids. We were curious about sex and the opposite sex. We experimented with the usual you show me yours I'll show you mine stuff. One ofternoon when we were home alone sis and I were in her room playing around. Sis was a couple of years younger than I but non the less she was developing nicely. She was sitting on the bed side table with one leg hiked up showing me plenty of what she had. I was standing there stroking my young hardon. I reached over and began to touch sis and she began to moan as I played with her hot wet little slit. I moved closes and rubbed the head of my hardon against her slit. I placed the head at her opening and pushed slightly and responded by opening her legs wider. So slowly I began to push until the head touched her cherry. After a few minutes of pushing slowly and a little harder each time my hardon finally slid all the way inside of her. She wimpered a little but told me to wait a minute. After a minute or two we began to slide my hardon slowly in and out of her until I couldn't stand it anymore when suddenly I felt it erupt like a volcano. Sis's eyes got wide as she felt it eroupt inside of her but at that point there was little either of us could do. After that sis and I would have sex whenever we were alone or could get somewhere alone. This continued until we were both into our 20's and we both got married. We still get together from time to time for old time sakes. And we both agree that there is nothing hotter than the sex between us. The only thing we haven't tried is having a child together. The idea has been a real turn on and we have discussed it several times. We would love to know if there are any other brothers and sisters out there that have gone on to have families together.

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My Mom is about 50 and ever since I was a little boy I have had fantasies about her. When she leaves the house, I go to her room and sniff her panties and try on her clothes. Ever sinse puberty it has occasionally got awkward, because I go to hug her and I have an errection. I have seen her nude in the shower by accident and once I tried to feel her breasts but she just moved my hands away. I am too shy and scared to try anything with her.

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: mom's dilemma

I have a nice experience to relate w.r.t my mom and my sexual relationship.actually it is quite unique.Over the years mom has been the source of the maximum of my fantasies and the fact is that she has a good idea of my thoughts for her.She does paradoxical things like avoiding touching my erect penis even by accident during the day but allowing me to ram my hard penis in her anal cleavage while sleeping at night.She also allows me to finger her anus with her knowledge, only at times twitching her puckered hole as if to signal me to stop,(couldnt she have just pulled away my finger).Also the classical (and smelly) case where she defecated in the commode and quietly closed the toilet-cover without flushing, wherein a little later I was sexually excited seeing her enormous amount of fecal waste floating in the loo( and I masturbated into the waste, which she would have known I would do).I also know that I could (and should) have coaxed her into atleast oral and anal sex, so that our love relationship could have a conclusion before my marriage.Although I am sure my wife thinks that I must have been a mom-fucker sometime atleast!!!!

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TITLE: mommy mischief

I love my mom, sexually also as well as the normal way, but I always feel that due to the age difference between my parents, somehow mom has a part of her sexual hunger unsatisfied. She acts as if she's a good lady, which obviously is true but there's a naughty aspect of her which only I know off. she's a nice sweet lil _____ at times who would make a great fuss about moral behaviour in the day , but at night watch miss world shows alongwith you(where u are all horny seeing the females) and sleep next to you topless, wearing only a petticoat- without any underwear.So at night when I felt really hot, I saw that due to the no. of times of turning moving in the bed, mom's petticoat has risen so high that her her ass is visible, and I shamelessly fingered her anus, sucking my finger too afterwards.the sight is more than a Playboy girl can give, and I also force my dick into her butt to push the soft mound of flesh.well, now I hear a grunt escape mom, as she has been awake all the time the best part is in this love relationship, if I had ever asked mom to mouth my dick I feel she would have gladly sucked my love for her or would have asked me to water-up her anal tank, which too would have been good

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: oh my god

I was asleep and I rolled over in bed and put my hands on my partners hips snuggling up to her I was turned on as usual by her back side I just started putting my hard dick between her legs and feeling her heat I gently pushed in I came in a few minutes she was tight I love it when shes not quite ready but tonite she was extra tight. I rolled over the other way and felt my partner who was actually in bed as well so who was this other person in my bed that I just had sex with? I didnt want to know so I went to sleep. I have since had other experiences I am woken by someone sucking me off and then I blow into there mouth and fall asleep. I dont want to know who this mystery person is but I have wondered no one is giving it away we have many people in our large house and I am afraid it is someones older daughter . I have no children and my partner has a very sexy 19 yr old living with us I shudder to think and dont want it to stop and I really dont want to know I dread the thought.

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TITLE: Christmas Vacation

The only times we saw each other was during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and summer vacations. My father remarried. His wife was 20 years younger than he and only 10 years older than I and only 7 years older than my older sister. Dad had been working in New York City for a while as a consultant and his new wife worked in the same consulting firm. She had an apartment mid-town Manhattan just near the United Nations. After about a year, dad took a job in Turkey and 0ur stepmother went with him. My older sister was a ballerina with the New York City Ballet. My father and stepmother wanted to keep the apartment and asked my older sister if she would stay in it while they were gone. When Christmas vacation came, I decided to go to New York instead of the family homestead in Maine. I had been invited to several of the dances put on by the Junior League and I asked my sister if I could stay with her on 41st Street. The afternoon I arrived was the day of the first dance. The apartment was quite small. It was kind of a studio apartment with one bedroom and a living room/dining room with a castro convertible couch. My sister told me that our father had been staying with her for the past two weeks. He had been back on a business trip. My stepmother was pregnant and had decided to remain in Ankara because she was feeling sick and didn't want to fly. My sister told me that she and dad had been sleeping in the same bed when he was there and that I could sleep with her if I wanted. I said I would sleep on the couch. She said if I changed my mind it was OK and that she and dad had been doing it since she was a little girl. I was in a hurry because I was supposed to pick up my date at Sutton Place and go to the Plaza. My sister helped me with my tuxedo. She tied my bow tie for me and helped with the shirt studs and cufflinks. I didn't get home until 3 in the morning. My sister was awke. I was exhausted since I'd gotten up at 5 that morning so that I hadn't slept for 22 hours. She again asked me if I wanted to sleep with her and I said I'd sleep on the couch. She asked me if I'd like a back massage and I said I would. I lay down on the convertible bed on my stomach with just under pants and she straddled my bottom and began massaging. My sisters and I had given each other massages since we were little. I must have passed right out but I do remember that just before I went to sleep I noticed that I could tell that she didn't have any panties on underneath her night gown and I could feel the lips of her hot downy furrow as she rubbed against my cheeks. I the had the most amazing dream of my life. I dreamt she rolled me over and slid me inside. When I woke up the next morning I felt an incredible sense of peace and relaxation as if I had been emtied. It was wet under my foreskin when I played with myself. When I put my fingers to my nose there was a rich musky smell and I realized that it hadn't been a dream and that I had had the most powerful orgasm of my life deep inside my big sister. I was immediately worried about having gotten her pregnant. Later that morning she apologized to me. I said it was alright and that I liked it but I didn't want to get her pregnant. She then shocked me by saying that she did want to get pregnant. That she had hoped to get pregnant from our dad but she didn't think it had worked. She wanted to get pregnant and have him think it was his baby. She had always been in love with him and was hoping that she would get him back from our stepmother. Qw spent the next two weeks in non-stop fornication and she did get pregnant. To this day I'm not sure if the baby is mine or dad's but she is the most beautiful child I have ever seen and I fear that I'm in love with her. I can't stay away from her and she seems to adore me.

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: in the shower

After my divorce I began seeing an older woman who was 12 years older than myself. She was a stunningly beautiful woman who did not look near her age. From the very start of our relationship it was plain to see that her previous husband had neglected her when it came to sex. She was very open and loved to explore and try new things. She also had two children who were grown and on thier own. Her son who was in his 20's lived at home but worked full time and wasn't there alot of the time. Even so it was a big house and when he was home you hardly knew he was there. One evening we had come home from a night out and when we came in you could her son and his girlfriend in the downstairs bathroom and from the sounds they were doing more than just showering. You could hear her moaning over the sound of the shower. It was easy to see that My girlfriend was getting pretty turned on by what she was hearing. She listened at the door for a while and I walked up behind her and raised her dress and slid my hand down her pantyhose and fingered her wet slit. After a few minutes we went upstairs to her bedroom and had some great hot sex.Afterward we both went off to sleep. Later during the night I woke and saw that she wasn't in the bed. I got up and went looking for her but she was nowhere to be found. I noticed the back door open slightly so I went out the back door and there by the window whe was between the shrub and the house naked masturbating while peeking at her son and his girfriend having sex in his room. I watched as she was obviously enjoying herself and the sight of her getting turned on watching them was also a turn on for me. After awhile I slide quietly back into the house and went to bed. Several days later I came in and could hear noises coming from the downstairs shower. Listening carefully I could tell the voices I was hearing was were that of both mom and son in the shower. The shower downstairs is a big walk in type with plenty of room for play. I slowly craked the door open and through the mirror could see into the shower and there they were. He was beind her sliding in and out of his mother. I could hear her begging him for more and knew from the sound of her voice she was getting close to her climax. Suddenly He slamed it into her with all he had and shuddered and she began to cry out. It was then that I knew she was feeling her son filling her with his hot seed. I slowly closed the door and went upstairs and began jerking off to the sight I had just seen. After a few minutes I looked up and there she stood. Still naked with a shocked look on her face. I smiled and she came to me and began to sank to her knees and took my hard manhood into her mouth and sucked me to a shuddering climax. After we both calmed down she asked if I had heard or seen anything and I told her what I had seen. At first she was afraid I would be upset but I assured her it was fine with me. She told me she had had many fantasies about him because of the his size. She said she had come home and he was in the shower so she undressed and walked in on him. She siad it didn't take much to get his attention and once he touched her firm breast and she stroked him some she knew she had to have it in her. After that episode she has had him many times and has enjoyed the feeling of having her own son filling her with hot cum. And it is plain to see that she has a little more bounce in her step. We still have some great sex but now she has a new deminsion that has added alot of spice to an already spicy relationship

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